Staying Safe Online | Kedleston Group E-Safety Policy
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Referrals : 0800 024 6985 |

Referrals : 0800 024 6985 |

E-Safety at Kedleston

Keeping our young people and staff safe is extremely important to us at the Kedleston Group. Online safety can be a real challenge in this modern world with the ongoing growth of the internet and use of always-connected devices such as smartphones.

The Group rigorously ensures the correct and most up to date internet security settings and practices are in place across our schools and homes. There is also a focus on the each users’ personal safety online, which includes both our young people and our staff.

Education is also key, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that all our staff and young people are regularly reminded about the dangers online and that online supervision is in place where necessary for those who are vulnerable.

E-Safety & Safeguarding Policies

Each school and home has an E-Safety & Safeguarding policy which can be downloaded through the links below.

Residential Schools

Day Schools